At Parkwest Pet Clinic, we strive for a warm and friendly relationship with you and your pet.
This page highlights our amazing staff - our training, experience, and dedication to veterinary medicine.



Is a Registered Veterinary Technician since 2014 and with her 5 year experience she will be able
to inform and explain your pet's health concerns and questions. She never fails to crack a joke and is easy
to talk to if you need help. She has a 6 year old rottie/collie mix that likes to bark at her own reflection.
She loves to eat and likely you will catch her with a snack in her hand if it's not a coffee. She preaches health
conscious choices, but doesn't always follow them. In her spare time she likes to dance and travel.


Is our suave RVT of 5 years. He has also stayed with us since graduating
from NAIT in 2014. Originally from Georgia, he is a kind and gentle individual that is hard
working, and knowledgeable. Often times his height can get the best of him here at our facility
but good thing he is surrounded by vets that can patch up the wounds on his head!


Is our experienced Receptionist that has been here since the clinic opened it's doors is 2007.
If we had a dollar for every time someone asked for her, we could buy another clinic!
Karen will not fail to make you feel welcome and comfortable when you are here for your visit, always
offers a helping hand to our clients, and keeps an extremely positive attitude every single day.
Karen has her own zoo of animals at home including birds, cats, dogs and fish; just the horse is missing!


Is our Veterinary Assistant and Receptionist. She is very upbeat, witty and will always
greet you and your creature with a smile and cheerful voice over the phone. She is a recent graduate
of the VMA  program at NAIT, and also has her Bachelor of Science from the University of Victoria.
When Abbie is not at the clinic she is swimming or playing video games. She currently has no
animals, but is on the hunt for a cat or 2, or 3…, or more.


Is a Pet Groomer who recently joined our team. This Hawaiian girl has a very sweet and calm personality who
does her best effort to make your animal feel as safe as it can while being groomed. With her 5 years
experience as a groomer, she will be able to do your pet's services efficiently and to your liking and better!
Danielle, although very young, published a book at the age of 17. She owns an adorable 1 year old
American Cocker Spaniel that loves to play sports


Has also recently joined our team as a Grooming Assistant. She comes from a small town
called Warburg, Alberta. In her spare time she enjoys baking and loves to camp in the summer. 
Vicky has a dog named Angel who is just 15 years young. Vicky hopes to one day be a
Veterinary Technician herself and we wish her the best of luck!