Deworming Services for Pets

Deworming doesn’t just remove worms from your pet’s system. It’s also a preventative measure to protect them from spreading worms and from getting them in the first place. It’s an ongoing process that pet owners must arrange consistently. You can start the process with us by booking an appointment at 780.444.1324.

When should my pet start deworming?

When your pet is young, deworming sessions will be scheduled frequently. Puppies and kittens can start when they are approximately 2 weeks to 1-month-old. It is recommended that they continue being dewormed until they are 3-months-old. After this point, your pet should be dewormed regularly all throughout their adult and senior life. Depending on the formulation, they should be dewormed approximately once every 3 months. We recommend that outdoor cats and dogs receive more frequent deworming and have their feces checked often.

What happens during a deworming session?

Deworming medication is given orally or through injectables. The older worms will die and may appear in their feces. The babies will not. This is why we administer deworming medication periodically. Our goal is to get all the worms out of their body but we have to wait until the worms hatch. In between sessions, monitor your pet’s stools and reduce their interaction with other animals.

Should I deworm my pet if they only stay indoors?

Absolutely. We all know cats and dogs to be mischievous creatures. There are other ways to contract worms besides playing outside. Your indoor pet can interact with creatures hosting a worm, like cockroaches and rodents. Deworming your pet protects your family from a major infestation. Tapeworms and roundworms are parasites that can spread to humans too. It’s much better to be safe than sorry.