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Welcome to Parkwest Pet Clinic in Edmonton, Alberta

Parkwest Pet Clinic first opened its doors in January 2007, serving the west end community of Edmonton and surrounding areas. We strive to create an inviting environment for both our patients and clients with our friendly hospital culture and top-notch patient care.


We are a team of compassionate individuals determined to provide top-quality care, shaped through an emotional understanding of the bond shared between you and your furry loved ones. Our standard of care extends beyond high-quality service as we work to develop a mutual understanding with you about the decisions we make in the best interest of your pet.


1. Being honest and practicing integrity in our everyday interactions with clients is just as important as providing excellent patient care.
2. We treat clients, patients and our team members with the same respect we hope to be treated ourselves.
3. By creating a friendly atmosphere, we hope to create a long-term relationship with you and your pet.
4. Your pets don’t have a voice. Therefore, we are honoured to advocate for them and provide each pet with an individualized care plan.
5. Using our knowledge and expertise, we strive to provide the best care for your pet based on their specific needs.
6. Empathizing with your feelings, showing compassion, and actively listening to your concerns are key components to building a stronger relationship with you and your pets.


Meet the Team

Date: August 10, 2022.

Dear valued clients,

Due to an unexpected staff shortage, there will be no appointments on the following days. We will be open for pet food and medication pick ups:

  • August 12th open from 9am - 2pm
    Open for food sales and medication pick up only.
  • August 15th open from 9am - 6pm
    Open for food sales and medication pick up only.
  • August 24th open from 9am - 6pm
    Open for food sales and medication pick up only.
  • August 25th open from 9am - 1pm
    Open for food sales and medication pick up only.
  • Fri. August 26th - CLOSED
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call us at 780-444-1324.

    Please note that we are receiving more calls than usual. We apologize for any delays that you might experience when reaching out to us.

    - The Team at Parkwest Pet Clinic.