Bloodwork Services for Pets

Bloodwork is an important part of your pet’s medical history. We use blood tests to make sure your pet has the right levels of nutrients and minerals. Bloodwork is usually performed during the patient’s annual physical exams. However, when preparing your pet for a procedure or a lifestyle change we also do blood tests to determine their candidacy for treatments, surgery and anesthesia. Bloodwork can expose underlying health problems and genetic conditions that could become an issue in the future. When detected, we’re able to develop specialized care to cater to their needs. The more we know about your pet the better and faster we can support them. Call 780.444.1324 to learn more.

How do I know if my pet needs bloodwork?

Besides their annual vet exam, bloodwork is recommended whenever your pet is showing signs of illness. Keep in mind, signs of distress may not always be visible. Instead, your furry friend may be acting strangely and that is enough reason to be concerned. Call us to book an appointment. A simple blood test can reveal invisible illnesses.

What kind of conditions can you find by doing a blood test?

Blood tests can detect blood clots, early signs of diseases and parasites. What makes bloodwork really interesting is how precise it can be. Blood tests are able to share the state of your pet’s organs. Once we’ve gotten a sample of your pet’s blood, we search for certain properties that may indicate if they have diseases. For example, if they have too much amylase (AMYL) or their calcium levels have shifted beyond normal, this signifies a shift in their kidney’s ability to function. This means your pet may have kidney disease. Bloodwork can also let us know if your pet is lacking nutrients or is pregnant. Ultimately, it helps us find and treat medical problems before they become life threatening.