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Nutrition Counselling for Pets

Nutritional counselling is all about how well your pet is eating. What they consume and how it makes them feel is an important part of their lifestyle. When you book a consultation, our veterinarians can teach you healthy feeding practices that prevent them from overeating. We also address health concerns and discuss allergies. If your pet is lacking nutrients, we provide alternative diets to accommodate their needs. Call us at 780.444.1324 to learn more about your pet’s nutritional requirements.

How do I know if my pet needs a consultation?

During a physical exam we feel your pet’s body, weigh them and discuss their eating routine. These individual inspections let us know if they’re the appropriate size and if they’re consuming the right amount of food. We also do blood tests which reveal medical conditions like diabetes and organ diseases. If anything is detected during a physical exam we will recommend nutritional counselling. In addition, puppies and grown dogs have different nutritional needs. Bringing your puppy in for a consultation is especially valuable to their development.

Is pet nutritional counselling necessary?

A proper diet is a vital part of your pet’s health. Nutrition controls many aspects of your pet’s life. The right diet could make their coat shinier and their stamina stronger. Contrary to people’s beliefs, feeding your pet is more than just giving them their favourite foods. Nutritional counselling serves many purposes. Our veterinarians can teach techniques that train your dog to stop begging for food and develop disciplined eating habits. If we notice your pet is lacking nutrients, we offer nutritional plans to help keep them healthy. Most importantly, we can accommodate your pet’s medical conditions because not every animal is the same.