Ophthalmology Services for Dogs and Cats

Here at Parkwest Pet Clinic, we can perform basic care services to keep your pet’s eyes and vision as healthy as possible. Your pet’s eyes are one of their most important organs and so it is important that it is regularly checked. Our veterinarians usually include eye exams during a full body exam. To learn more about our ophthalmology services for pets, please feel free to contact us at 780.444.1324.

What happens during a pet eye exam?

Although each pet may require different steps, the most common factors of an eye exam are checking how their pupils respond to light, and if the different parts of the eye (retina, lens, cornea and iris) are normal. The vet will check for cloudiness that may be a cause for concern. You will also be asked about some questions regarding your pet’s vision. Your pet’s tears may also be tested to see if they have dry eye or excessive production (which can be a sign of irritation.) We may also test their eye pressure which can detect glaucoma. Then, you may be given certain instructions or prescriptions depending on your pet’s specific needs.

Do pets need to be sedated during an eye exam?

Not usually. The tests are minimally invasive and we find that most pets so really well all throughout.

What are signs that my pet has eye or vision problems?

If you notice yellow or green discharge, please call us right away as this may be symptoms of infection. Red and puffy eyes, constant bumping into objects, pawing at their face, a cloudy appearance, as well as confusion/nervousness are also signs of vision problems.