Orthopedic Services and TPLO

As your pet goes through life it’s possible, they may develop physical conditions in their joints and muscles. Our clinic is equipped to diagnose and treat them through surgery and therapeutic practices. In fact, our Medical Director, Dr. John Petrut, has education and is highly skilled in many orthopedic procedures. If you notice your pet limping or having difficulty rising, contact us at 780.444.1324 to get them checked.

What kind of conditions could my pet develop?

Orthopedic conditions can be caused from old age, injuries or abnormalities in an animal’s body. Hip and elbow dysplasia stem from your pet’s skeletal development. They occur when your pet’s joints do not align properly as they grow. However, they’re not always visible and become painfully obvious if your pet gains weight or ages. Sometimes your pet’s joints will wear away, leading to cranial cruciate ligament ruptures (torn ACL) and arthritis. These can be treated with laser therapy and medication if detected early. If not, they will require surgery. To learn more about other orthopedic conditions your pet can acquire, don’t hesitate to ask us during your next appointment.

How can surgery help my pet?

Surgery may help stabilize your pet’s joints and bring them long term relief. There are many different kinds, from elbow replacement to TPLO. Our veterinarians will recommend the one suited to your pet’s age and the severity of their condition. One procedure that has gained popularity for its efficiency is Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO). This surgery treats torn ACLs. When your cat’s or dog’s knees ruptures, TPLO allows us to replace properties in their knees with a metal plate that resembles a wrench. Once it’s screwed in, it allows your pets limbs to bend and take pressure from their weight. It also reduces their chances of post-surgery complications.