Ultrasound and X-ray Services for Pets

Ultrasounds and X-Rays are two different ways for veterinarians to see abnormalities in your pet’s body. While ultrasounds use sound waves to capture detailed images, X-rays use radiation to glimpse the size and shape of tissues. Both serve as diagnostic supports to identify illnesses or loose objects your pet may have swallowed. Call us at 780.444.1324 to learn more about these services.

What is better – ultrasounds or X-rays?

While ultrasounds and X-rays are both effective in identifying irregularities in your pet’s body, they do have some differences. An ultrasound can provide a precise visualization of the organs. It creates such a clear image that veterinarians are able to assess tissue. X-rays are ideal for evaluating abnormalities. It displays the size and shape of objects, letting us know if an organ is swollen or if there is a blockage in your pet’s system.

What happens during a pet Ultrasound/X-Ray?

It’s important to know that performing an ultrasound and X-ray is painless. Your pet and our veterinarians will be covered in protective gear. The only sensation your pet will feel is a probe as it scans the area of concern. The probe maps out the region of the body we’re inspecting and displays it on a computer screen. An X-ray is a completely different experience. A machine is placed over a specific part of your pet’s body and snaps a quick picture of their organs. Digital X-rays produce an immediate image, allowing us to share the results with you sooner.