Veterinary Exam

Vet exams are great ways for veterinarians, your pet and your family to keep in touch. Through these regular appointments, we establish familiarity with your pet’s medical history and keep track of any changes to their health. Next to you and your family, our veterinarians are one of the most important people in your dog’s life. If your pet is a new member to the family, you should arrange for a first appointment as soon as possible. The first vet visit gives us an opportunity to establish your pet’s baseline level of health and identify any potential long-term health problems. Afterwards, it’s important to schedule annual physical exams. This helps veterinarians monitor their health and detect early signs of illnesses. To understand what to expect for your first visit to our clinic, please don’t be shy and call us at 780.444.1324. We are happy to help you in any way!

What happens during a vet exam?

We schedule a full 30-minute appointment for all our exams. This allows ample time to discuss your concerns with our doctors and to provide your pet with a comprehensive exam. During a physical examination, we inspect your pet’s entire body for abnormalities and track fluctuations in their weight or behaviour. This involves bloodwork, moving their joints around to see how they react and listening to their heart and lungs. This is a great opportunity to share your daily care routines, home environment, and any concerns. We are happy to advise you on behaviour training and at home grooming techniques if you are interested.

How do I prepare for a vet exam?

If this is a pet you recently adopted, bring any information that was provided about their medical history. That could look like your own notes or documents given to you at the place of purchase (e.g. former caregiver, shelter). If you know your pet is anxious at the vet, we recommend bringing comforting items with you. Another way to alleviate this is with positive reinforcement and happy visits. You can also stop by our office with your pet a couple of times when they don’t need to be examined so they associate the clinic with positive experiences. Pet them and give them praise when they behave calmly while there. We can participate by giving your pet treats that you bring with you.