Weight Management for Pets

During your pet’s annual (or semi-annual) physical exam, we look for weight fluctuations or extra fat in certain parts of their body. There’s no body shaming here but there is an ideal weight your pet should be to ensure their best health. A visit to our clinic allows us to survey your pet’s size and recommend techniques that will keep them stay in good shape. Sometimes it’s hard for pet owners to tell if their furry friend is not a healthy size but that’s what our expert veterinarians are for. To learn about your pet’s optimal weight call us at 780.444.1324.

How can weight management consultations help my pet?

Excessive weight gain can lead to obesity and diabetes, which can greatly impede their quality of life. If they have pre-existing conditions, like arthritis, extra weight can cause them further deterioration and pain. Our veterinarians can provide reduction plans and nutritional consultations that will help them lose weight while consuming the right nutrients. Being overweight can significantly decrease your pet’s life expectancy and increase their chances of developing a heart disease. It’s important to remember that getting your pet in shape is a group effort. We’re happy to guide your family in the right direction but it will take some self-discipline to commit.

What can I do to help my pet lose weight at home?

As the pet parent you will have to establish some new routines to help your pet lose weight. Introducing them to new food, eating habits or physical activities should be done gradually. If their diet is changing, they will usually need behaviour training to curb their habits. You must be firm. If you have an automatic feeder, use it to your advantage by setting a timer. When it comes to exercise, increase the length of your walks each week. Respect your pet’s limitations but push them a bit further each time. You can also use this as a bonding opportunity to play more physically demanding activities with them. Taking an active interest in their progress includes regular visits to the clinic. Monitoring their weight loss journey lets us know what’s working and how else we can help.